• Wireless security cameras and doorbells are becoming more and more popular. The convenience of having these cameras where they need to be without needing to run cable or drill walls is very useful.  In fact, we’ve seen demand for these products skyrocket over the past few years.  Especially as we live in more of an online-ordering culture.  Not only do we need to worry about damage to our property or break ins, now package delivery theft is also skyrocketing.  Some might not think this is directly related to computer repair, but because these cameras are wireless, they rely heavily on your WIFI network.  This is where your computer repair experts at Ak Computer Solutions come into play.

What we offer:

  • Ak Computer solutions will ensure that you have the proper network capability and WIFI installed so your cameras are sitting there just for show. We want you to take full advantage of your wireless camera’s features.  If you need to tap into a camera’s stream, talk to someone at the door, or call up an old video, you should be confident that the video will be as smooth as possible.  When you need the video the most, is not the time when you need a skip or bandwidth jump in your footage.  We’ll help you avoid this.

Who else provides wireless security solutions?

  • From our research, we haven’t found another computer repair company that provides this service. Ak Computer Solutions is on the leading edge of technology repairs and we believe that this should include smart home and wireless security options.  Our computer repair experts are perfectly suited to dive into these products that rely so heavily on you WIFI network.

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