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Hitler The Rise Of Evil Dual Audio




Available for iOS. Hangouts + VoIP, Instant Messaging, Video Calling — Hangouts, one of the largest Skype clients on the Android platform, has been updated with VoIP and instant messaging support. This allows you to access your phone number on multiple clients. The new client is only compatible with the Hangouts-based clients (Hangouts and Plus). Google Play Books Beta — The Play Books app is now in beta and is currently only available to Google+ users. This is a new experience to Android users as Google Play Books originally came to the Android platform in 2010. Available for Android. Google+ Stream + Live Tiles — After Live Tiles, Facebook-style homescreens for Android were all the rage, Google+ introduced their own Google+ Streams. This feature allows you to browse your social circles as well as your stream. This new feature is also available for the iOS platform. Google Now + Voice — Google Now for Android is now available as a beta app. Voice recognition from Google Now is available with some launch languages. Calculator v2.0 — While the Calculator on the Play Store is still a great app, Google has made updates to the Calculator application. New features include the ability to view up to four pages at once, 24-hour, 7-day, 2-week, and 3-month calendar views, currency conversion, and improved graphics. The new Calculator also allows you to create a custom timeline using more than 5 widgets. Available for Android. Tablet Portrait Mode — Google is rolling out a new portrait mode feature for some of their apps. This new feature is available for the Gmail app, Hangouts, Google+ app, and Google Play Books app. This new feature allows the photo to maintain a consistent aspect ratio. This results in a square photo. Available for Android. Documentation — Google Play Support has rolled out a new client-side app for all users. The client-side app allows you to view support documents directly within the Play Store app. Available for Android. Beta Testing Kit — The Android Beta Testing Kit allows you to run multiple apps in a device. This new feature allows you to install a custom ROM and test Google apps. The Android Beta Testing Kit is available as an in-app purchase for $3.99. Available for Android. Play Games — Google has updated their Google Play Games application to remove advertisements, change the dashboard appearance, and allow multiple




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Hitler The Rise Of Evil Dual Audio

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