Remote Support

  • Just need someone to show you how to do something? Need a technician to help you doing something quickly but don’t need to have them evaluate the whole system?  No problem.  Once you are a client, our technicians will provide remote support when you need it or and in-home service call.

What we offer:

  • The first time you use Ak Computer Solutions , we’ll assign you a certified technician in your area. He will come directly to you to provide service so he can get to know you and how your Computer system is setup.  Additionally, he will take a moment to make sure you are comfortable with Ak Comouter Solutions .  When you are comfortable with us, you can trust us to provide remote support in the future. After the first visit, we’re happy to provide remote support or an in person visit, whichever is best for the situation.

Who else provides Remote Computer Support?

  • You need to be very careful about who you allow to have access to your computer. There are many tech support companies out there who are fraudulent and will promote remote computer support only.  This is a red flag and should rarely be trusted.  If they are not willing to meet with you face to face, we wouldn’t recommend allowing them into your computer.

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